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Travel Package for Wynn’s epicurean experience at Golden Flower/Chef Tam's Seasons


Wynn's epicurean experience at Golden Flower / Chef Tam's Seasons with Premier Grand Class Return Tickets (For 2 or more)

Free restaurant and Premier Plus land transfer service reservation)

Promotion Period: Till 31 August 2024*

Package Price

1. Chef Tam's Seasons at Wynn Palace
$1902 per person (Original: $3146)
~ inclusive of 15% service charge and government tax


餐廳介紹 More about Chef Tam's Seasons︰
餐單Set Menu︰

2.  Golden Flower at Wynn Macau
$2560 per person ( Original:$4246)
inclusive of 15% service charge and government tax

Business Hours: Wed to Monday 18:00-22:30

More about Golden Flower︰
Set Menu︰

* Only accepts reservations made at least 7 days in advance of the dining date

Blackout Date : Public holidays and the eve of public holidays, Dragon Boat Festival June 9-10

Note: The menu is for reference only. The restaurant reserves the right to change the contents at any time without prior notice.


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