Routing & Sailing Schedule

HK (Sheung Wan)/ Kowloon <=> MACAU (Outer / Taipa)

HK (Sheung Wan)/ Kowloon <=> MACAU (Outer / Taipa)

Sailing Schedule (Approx. 60 mins)


Below Sailing Schedule is effective since 13 May 2024  :


HK (Sheung Wan) Right _allow _red Macau (Outer Harbour)
Macau (Outer Harbour) Right _allow _red HK (Sheung Wan)

07:30  08:00  08:30  09:00
09:30  10:00  10:30
11:30 12:00  12:30#  13:00
13:30 14:00  14:30  15:00 

15:30 16:00  16:30  17:00
17:30 18:00

Night Sailing:
  18:30 19:00 19:30 20:30
  22:30  23:30 

07:30  0830  09:15  09:45
10:15  10:45# 11:15
12:15  12:45 13:15  13:45 
14:15 14:45  15:15  15:45 
16:30  17:00 17:30

Night Sailing:
18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00
22:00 23:00 23:59 


 # Only available on Mondays, Thrusdays, Saturdays & Sundays.

HK (Sheung Wan) Right _allow _red Macau (Taipa)

Macau (Taipa) Right _allow _red HK (Sheung Wan)





   Kowloon (China Ferry Terminal) Right _allow _red Macau (Taipa)

Macau (Taipa/ Outer) Right _allow _red Kowloon (China Ferry Terminal)

09:15  10:15 12:30 15:45

10:45 14:15 16:15 17:15 20:30*

* Outer Harbour to Kowloon

Notes to Customers

  • Maximum of ticket bookings is limited to 6 sets of return tickets per transation.
  • Passengers are required to ensure the fulfillment of the entry requirement of Hong Kong and Macau before boarding.
  • Passengers are advised to board at least 30 minutes prior to the departure time in order to allow time for documents checking by our staff
  • In accordance with Hong Kong authorities' instruction, if passenger is tested with body temprature over 38 degree celcius will be declined entry of the terminal area.




Passenger Reminder

Luggage Services

Online Meal Reservation Service

The service provides a selection of delicious menu choices for passengers to reserve online.  Breakfast, late-night meal and child meal are also available for reservation for VIP Cabin and Premier Grand Class passengers.  Simply reserve online 24 hours ahead and present the ferry ticket to our cabin attendant to redeem the reserved meal upon boarding.



  • Service is only available for VIP Cabin or Premier Grand Class  passengers with tickets issued by via TurboJET ticketing system taking the specified routes below:
    1. Hong Kong (Sheung Wan) ⇔ Macau (Outer Harbor)
    2. Hong Kong (Sheung Wan) ⇒ Taipa (single way)
  • Online reservation or meal change has to be made at least 24 hours prior to the departure time.
  • Passengers must board the vessel at the scheduled departure time as specified on the ferry ticket. 



Reserve Now_EN



Onboard Services & Facilities

Super Class
Complimentary delicious hot meals during the day, along with drinks, newspapers and magazines, priority disembarkation and use of VIP Waiting Lounge.


Red _line


Onboard Sales Items
A range of duty free items, light snacks and beverages are available for sale onboard. Passengers may contact our Cabin Attendant if interested to purchase.


Red _line


Vessel Facilities
Air-conditioned cabins, VIP cabin for up to 6 passengers, video entertainment, catering counter, luggage compartment, modern washrooms (facilities may differ slightly on each vessel). Blankets are available onboard for passengers upon request.

Wheelchair/Baby Stroller Rental Service

Rental Location:

  • Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal: TurboJET Luggage Services Counter (West Bridge, 3/F Shun Tak Centre)
  • Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal (Level 2): TurboJET Luggage Services Counter


Rental Fee:

HKD/MOP 100 for the first 10 hours (less than 10 hours will be counted as 10 hours),  HKD/MOP 10 per hour thereafter.


* Elderly aged 65 or above may enjoy 50% discount for the first 10 hours of wheelchair rental.


Deposit (cash only):

  • HK/Macau citizens: HKD/MOP 1,000/pc
  • Non HK/Macau citizens: HKD/MOP 2,000/pc


* Proof of identity must be presented.


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