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TurboJET Stored Value Card is available in 2 versions: Personalized and Standard.  Each at a minimum value of HKD500.


Personalized Stored Value Card


To apply for the Personalized Stored Value Card, simply complete the application form and submit to designated TurboJET ticketing offices, Service Centre at Shun Tak Centre or Macau Premier Lounge, you will then be issued a card with your name on it and start to enjoy a wide range of exclusive privileges on designated routes  including 5% discount on ferry tickets(excluding tax), bonus points, priority seating with our Early Departure Service. For total convenience, cardholders can top up the card value and reserve tickets online. Reserved tickets can then be collected at one of our self-service ticketing kiosks located at ferry terminals.


Personalized Stored Value Card holders can accumulate bonus points with every purchase of TurboJET ferry tickets on designated routes  ($1 TurboJET net ticket fare = 1 bonus point). Points earned can be used towards redemption of gifts. Cardholders can access to their bonus point account via TurboJET website (by first registering as an online booking member using the Card) or TurboJET Self-service Ticketing Kiosks located at ferry terminals.



One-way upgrade from Economy Class to Super Class OR Super Class to Premier Grand Class OR HKD100 gift voucher for purchase of TurboJET tickets

15,000 One single trip Economy Class ticket on TurboJET service routes (tax and terminal service fee excluded)
25,000 One single trip Super Class ticket on TurboJET service routes (tax and terminal service fee excluded)
35,000 One single trip Premier Grand class ticket on TurboJET Hong Kong - Macau route (tax excluded)

For gift redemption, please complete a "Service Request Form" and submit to TurboJET Service Centre at Shop 103, 1/F Shun Tak Centre OR Macau Premier Lounge on Level 2 Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.





Stored Valued Card members may also redeem seat class upgrade with bonus points at Hong Kong and Macau waiting hall for immediate boarding.  Bonus points required as below (Suspended until further notice): 


Economy to Super  OR  Super to Premier Grand

Economy to Premier Grand

8,000 points (FREE)

4,000 points + $50

2,000 points + $100

8,000 points + $100


  • Only applicable to members holding HK(Sheung Wan) - Macau tickets issued with Personalized Stored Valued Card.
  • Bonus points and the payment will be deducted directly from the stored value card upon redemption. Credit card or cash payment will not be accepted.
  • The extra amount paid for upgrade is eligible to earn bonus points.



Standard Stored Value Card

The Standard Stored Value Card, perfect as gifts or for personal use, allows cardholders to directly purchase tickets at any of our self-service ticketing kiosks to save the queuing time.






Corporate Jetpass card is a frequent traveler card for company staff to issue TurboJET ferry ticket on credit basis during business travel. Simply apply corporate JetPass card for your company staff, they can issue ferry tickets through a Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk at Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal & Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal or at TurboJET Designated Ticketing Office. It is convenient way for those staff who travel by TurboJET frequently without making cash payment. For enquiries and application, please call Commercial Division (852) 2307 0880.



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