Fare Adjustment



TurboJET announces that it has obtained approval from the Macau Government to adjust the fare for its passenger ferry services on the Macau/Taipa - Hong Kong route and the Macau - Hong Kong International Airport route. The fare adjustments range from 8.5% to 10%. This is the first fare adjustment by the company since 2017, and the new fare will take effect from September 15, 2023.



Simultaneously, TurboJET will launch a special promotion for its Hong Kong-Macau route from September 15, 2023, to December 15, 2023. Passengers who purchase round-trip eBoarding tickets during this period will enjoy a 10% discount. For more information about this promotion, please visit the official website for more details.


New Fare after Adjustment

Macau/Taipa-Hong Kong Rotue 

Economy Class

Day (Weekdays) ︰$175 

Day(Weekends & Public Holidays)︰$190



Super Class
Day(Weekdays)︰ $365

Day(Weekends & Public Holidays)︰ $395

Night:  $415


Premier Grand Class

Day︰ $495



Premier VIP Cabin (4 seats)

Day︰$2,480  Night︰$3,310



Taipa- Hong Kong International Airport

Economy Class


Child (Age 2-12) ︰$226

Child (Age1-2) ︰$165


Super Class


Child (Age 2-12) ︰$358

Child (Age 1-2) ︰$237


Fare for Permier Grand Class and Premier VIP Cabin remain unchanged, i.e.$615 and $3010 respectively



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