Special Sailing Adjustment for Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal Route (27/10/2023)


To cope with the temporary closure of Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal on 27 October 2023, TurboJET will implement special sailing arrangement for the affected sailings.  Details as follows:




All sailings are diverted to Taipa Ferry Terminal for embarkation / disembarkation (except for HKG-Outer 23:30)


Special Sailings



Night Sailing: 17:30、18:30、19:30、20:3021:30、22:30


Taipa-HKG : 09:30、10:30、11:30、12:30、13:30、14:00、15:00、15:30、16:00、17:00

Night Sailing: 18:00、19:00、20:00、21:00、22:00、23:00、23:59



•Macau<=> Shenzhen


Affected passengers  do not need to go to the ticket office for ticket exchange and can directly board according to the above sailing schedule. For rescheduling or refund, please proceed to the ticket office for assistance.

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