31/8/2023 Typhoon Sailing Arrangement

In response to the approaching of the super typhoon Saola, TurboJET will make the following sailing adjustment:

取消航班 Cancellation :
香港往氹仔 HKG to Taipa 12:15 15:45
氹仔往香港 Taipa to HKG 14:15 17:15

當3號強風信號生效時 During Strong Wing Signal No.3:
香港-澳門(外港)航線HKG - Macau (Outer)Route:維持有限度服務 Maintain limited service

香港-氹仔 航線HKG-Taipa Route :暫停服務 Service Suspension

珠海航線 Zhuhai Route
Service will be suspended from 16:00 till 1/9 full day.

澳門-蛇口/深圳 Macau- Shekou / Shenzhen
即日起停航至1/9全日。Immediately suspended till 1/9 full day.


Upon issuance of typhoon signal no 8, all sailing services will be suspended. Passengers are recommended to pay attention to our service update.

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