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Luggage Services

Luggage Storage

  • Luggage storage service is available at Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. 
  • Rate: HKD/MOP 20 per piece per hour


  • Location: 

    Luggage Services Counter, Level 2, Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal (Operation hours: 06:45 - 24:00)

Porter Service

  • Porter service is available at designated points at Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. 
  • Rate: HKD/MOP 20 per piece
  • Arrival passengers may approach the Luggage Reclaim Counter for porter service


  • Service coverage:
    Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal: Baggage Services Office (Arrival Level) │  Luggage Service Counter  │  Taxi stand

Luggage check-in

  • Each passenger is allowed self-carrying 1 piece hand carry luggage for free. All luggage exceeding the limitation must be check-in.


  • Check-in Locations:

     - Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal: Luggage Services Counter (Room 2618, Level 2)

     - Shekou Ferry Terminal: Luggage Check-in Counter (next to the ticketing counter)




Hand-carry luggage

600mm x 200mm x 350mm within 20kgs

Standard size luggage

760mm x 560mm x 280mm within 40kgs

Quantity Acceptance

3 pieces of standard size luggage

  • Any luggage exceeding the hand-carry limitation must be handled by our company as check-in luggage.
  • Luggage exceeding the standard size limitation will be checked as over-size luggage.
  • Excess luggage may be accepted which will be subjected to the vessel capacity or the luggage actual conditions.  


Notes for Check-in:

  • Luggage check-in service is available from 45 minutes up to 20 minutes before departure time.  
  • Any over weight, over-size or excess quantity luggage have to be checked within the luggage check-in service hour and paid for the relevant charge.
  • Check-in luggage will only be transported on the Vessel on which the passenger is going to travel.
  • Any late check-in luggage will be deferred to the next immediate sailing together with the passenger.
  • Any check-in luggage not claimed within 60 minutes upon arrival will be treated as unclaimed luggage and will be stored at our Luggage Services Counter.  Passengers who reclaim the luggage thereafter will be charged according to the luggage storage rate.



Hand-carry size luggage within 20kg

Free (1 piece)


20kg or below

MOP/RMB 25 per piece

Over 20kg - 40kg

MOP/RMB 30 for each additional 5kg*

Over 40kg or exceeding the standard size limitation

Pre-arrangement is required

 * less than 5kg will be calculated as 5kg

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